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About Us

DSH Institute of Technology (DIT) began as a department registered under the license of Damai Service Hospital (HQ), which is a private hospital in Jalan Ipoh that was established in 1981. In 1990, with the approval from the Malaysian Nursing Board, DIT was registered as an Institute of Higher Education. With more than 23 years of experience handling the Assistant Nurse Certificate Program, DIT has produced more than 300 graduates, which have found employment both locally and internationally. Passing rate for the Nursing Board Malaysia Registration Examination has been high at 100%.

In 2013/14 DIT undertook the challenge to become a reputable independent provider of tertiary education in Malaysia, producing graduates who meet the needs of initially the healthcare and subsequently other industries. It began with the move to new premises at Platinum Walk in Kuala Lumpur, and has taken off with the development of many allied health science programmes.


To be a leading human capital provider in various important fields to cater the needs of the nation as well as abroad.


Producing the most competent and efficient human capital in various important fields by focussing on excellence in teaching, critical thinking, research and consultancy.


  • To deliver the highest quality education experiences in various fields including healthcare, business and technology in producing leaders and professionals that contribute to the nation and abroad.
  • To guide students acquire ideas and concepts that sharpen their insights and develop their skills appropriate to their career goals.
  • To prepare students with knowledge, skills and attitude that will encourage and enhance them towards lifelong learning growth and contribute to the community nationally and internally.
  • To prepare students with the latest and up-to-date tools and experiences that will be adapted to face the challenging environment through various DIT programs.


Learning Outcomes

DSH Institute of Technology collaborates with departments, faculty, staff and external key Industry Experts and senior Human Resource practitioners’ to promote diversified and comprehensive Learning Outcomes for our students in the following area:

  • Knowledge– Knowledge that integrates theory, research and practice and the ability to apply it in the most effective and efficient way during their professional career.
  • Critical Thinking– Students are prepared to develop higher-order skills in critical thinking, written and oral communications, problem solving and such skills are reinforced throughout their educational program.
  • Ethics- Creating an awareness of personal and others’ values and how they relate to ethical decision-making.
  • Application- Experiences of learning during practical will synthesize knowledge and skills to a deeper understanding of a concept through the act of doing and personal experience.
  • Evaluation- Direct and indirect assessment methods are applied to evaluate proficiency and understanding. Tested and readiness to execute, manage and lead any given task in professional career.